Why LPSO? Edit

LSPO closed down because at that time Hasbro didn't have any funds to support it. Other reasons are theories... for instance, some are saying that too much things were going on in Hasbro that they just decided to shut it down. But, if it comes back, I think they will redesign the animals like the new ones today. Read my comment below. My comment says, "Please help. They might bring the old design of the animals". Please do so and bring the original version into life again!! Edit

Littlest Pet Shop is adorable, magical, fun and amazing. It left many fans in tears when the incredible virtual world closed down. There are still thousands of collectible figures of littlest pets and endless boundaries of bringing them to life, like in episodes. Still, millions are disappointed around the world. We wish it returns, oh please, Littlest Pet Shop, please come back!! BRING THEM BACK MY GOSH Edit

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