WHY ARE BEING SO MEAN TO ME?! I do not own LPSO so stop telling me. Remeber the time when I said "Made by me. The first LPS fan that came here"? That was the past,GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!

  • Let's just remember that without me,NONE OF YOU GIRLS WOULD BE HERE! Some people say that i'm that founder of this wikia,WELL I'M NOT! Just because I edit here all lot and made almost ALL THE PAGES doesn't mean i'm that Founder. If I was a Admin of this Wikia,I WOULD BLOCK THIS PAGE (for no comments) AND DELETE IT!
  • Remember the time I said I'll call hasbro,well I WASN'T GOING TO CALL HASBRO BECAUSE OF LPSO,I WAS GOING TO CALL HARBSO BECAUSE OF THE NEW (and ugly) LPS! Even if I did call hasbro for LPSO,Hasbro won't bring LPSO back, USE YOUR BRAINS!
  • *You Stupid LPS or LPSO fans were cyberbullying me!

    Let's all just forget this and continue our lives.

    All LPSO fans hate me

    All the rude stuff you said to me