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  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is lps
  • I am lps
  • Skybunnyboopy

    so one day i found a moshi monsters wiki and i went to a talk area and said say 123 if your stupid like justin beiber.then some one kicked me (on game) i went back said hey i am a girl all of you should be saying 123. i said i was a girl cos they said kick him. so they banned me. i wrote a blog about leaving and all that stuff like other people get sad and sorrys and no when i get who cares. some one said something nice but another person didnt i said swears swore in another blog and got blocked/banned. so i looked for things i love and i said i dont need them iv got this!

    1. lpslover
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  • Skybunnyboopy

    lps-lost love lyrics

    November 8, 2013 by Skybunnyboopy

    my lps

    has gone

    where did we go wrong?

    was it where we left prom?

    i know it would come

    i am sorryyyy you know

    dry those tears

    now dont cry

    you and i

    are so strong

    i think its for the best

    we can give it a rest!

    i knew it would come 

    were did we go wrong

    was it cos of my hair to long?

    was it me 

    was it you

    was it the ones that were new

    or was it just true oooooh

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