Hi my name is Rhea!!

   I love lps aka littlest pet shop... Some people ask people why people spend all their time with lps, the answer to that is
    1. Fun to play with 
    2. Their COOl *-*
    3. Colectible toys 
    4. Fun to collect
 Anyways I'm writing this blog or whatever its called, cause I wanna tell you gals my journey of my LPS... Ready??? KK. SO, it all started when i moved then my bff had a secret that i never knew... it wasn't a dark secret it was a light secret. One day I called her and she told me her secret it was about lps she said she loved them. I was thinking do I like lps??? 
                Then, it hit me! Yes I do!!! How did it hit me you ask??? Well I remembered when I was 5 I went to mcdonalds and they gave me a lps I played with it a lot  that is how it hit me... many days later I went to Target and my aunt bought me 4 LPS. Then after that months passed then I got more Lps. Then I started making videos on youtube! Now that my friend is a lot of going through!! 
               Well bye for now!!

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