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My littlest pet shop birthday party

Amy456lps August 14, 2016 User blog:Amy456lps
Hi guys i,m so happy because it was my birthday and i turned 13 years old yay ok so i first ate breakfast and after that i got dressed and my mom took me out to go shopping and i found 2 old lps sets yay here are some pictures i took of my new lps i got it from a store called ross it came up to $ 13.00 i used my owm money to buy it i love both of them so much and i,m glad it was not so expense i thanked my mom so much and after the trip out i was surprise by a party with a few of my freinds only 5 it was so much fun we danced ate ice cream and had karaoke on my smart tv then after it was time for the cake i almost screamed in joy when i saw it a half freddy half golden freddy face cake it was yummy then it was time for presents i got a few first i got a g4 lps sloth and i named him jim i dont care if hes a new lps i love him and 6 blind bags i had a great birthday and i love the lps i got

new lps blind bags

and i cant wait to open my blind bags in my next blog i will show you the pets i got 0-^ 
S-l300 (1)

new lps sloth present


and a littlest pet shop party set 0-0 $7.00 i got from ross


lps baby bunnys $ 5.00 dollars i got from ross

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