Lpso fans may be angry about their most favorite game shutting down permanently, hence they blame it on StarNicole. The message is, StarNicole doesn't have anything that has to do with shutting down Lpso. It's simply EA games and Hasbro's choice. Of course, don't spam them with emails to bring back the game. Face it. Lpso will never come back. Everyone has to accept this. It's hard to get through change. I'm still upset as well, and this is written on 2016. 5 or 4 years after LPSO shut down. Please hear me out and listen that blaming another individual does not change the fact that LPSO is gone. We have to stop flaming and accusing each other over a safe, wonderful, and beloved virtual world. Remember, nothing can change the fact that it is gone. All the lies and rumors of it being back are completely false, and there is absolutely no hope of it coming back. We all still love this beloved game, so please don't let our compassion of this virtual world turn into hatred against others.

Thank you for being there LPSO....

~A very disappointed admin of this wikia

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